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Moi et ma salle de bains

Here's an example of someone who had is bathroom designed by Tiger. Also your bathroom can be showed here. Send us an email with explanation and picture's and we will place it here!

stoere ik 

Ronald (32 years, single, real estate advisor)
Bathroom measurements: 2.40 x1.20 m
House style: modern 30's style house
Renovated: July 2010
Most excited about: the spacious shower cabin with rainshower
My tip: Have it all kit very well! A small leak can have great consequences!



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" When building an extra bedroom in the garden, i wanted a compact bathroom right beside it. In the end the room was adjusted to the design."

A spacious shower cabine of 120 x 90 cm with a big rainshower was de basis for my compact bathroom,  The Boston bathroom furniture in wengé with the stainless steel shower cabin, gives this tough look. I outsourced the complete renovation to a contractor. This professional worked with the Tiger products for the first time and he was very positive. He specifically mentioned the clear manuals. I am very happy with my bathroom and refer to Tiger whenever i can!:-)

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Customers'opinions about Tiger

If something is wrong with your Tiger product, we will do everything we can to solve the problem. Quickly and professionally. As a result, customers often react positively surprised by our service. That is good for us. The best customer that we can wish for is, after all, a satisfied customer.

A sampling of what customers have to say::

“The solution provided worked great. Thank you for that! My complements for the service and the active involvement of the Product Manager. As a result of the solution you offered, I even recommend you now myself. I just tweeted the following text: 'Service with a capital S is what they deliver at! Their personal involvement and the good solution they provided make me a super satisfied customer.'

“I was amazed when I opened my letterbox and found two new dispenser caps. Now that is service, truly unique in these times.”

“With this I would like to warmly thank you for the super fast service in response to my complaint about the broken dispenser. I have received a new flask and a new pump. Super service. A warm shower for Tiger!”

“Yesterday evening I was at a birthday party and heard that my aunt has used the same Tiger washing-up bowl and bucket since she got married. Last September my aunt and uncle celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They still use both of these items with great pleasure. It seemed like a good idea to let you know.”
Mevr Rosman

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