The bathroom is becoming increasingly important, people nowadays spend much more time in this space. As a result, people increasingly value the living style in the bathroom. This calls for a different approach to product design, as the bathroom must increasingly meet the personal wishes and tastes of the occupant. The fact that personal style is becoming increasingly important is reflected in the choice of black products, among other things. In the past they were hardly bought, nowadays the white bathroom is losing more and more ground to the black bathroom. Black creates a luxurious feeling and simplifies everything. Ideal for an urban chic or industrial look in the bathroom, something that appeals to many people. Tiger translates this trend into an affordable modern black shower collection, namely the Tyne series.
The Tyne series from Tiger consists of three different types of showers: a rain shower set, a shower set and a separate hand shower. The showers are blackened thanks to electroplating, this technique makes the showers more scratch and wear resistant than a powder coating that is normally used. Tyne's hand shower, both individual and included with the sets, has three different positions. You can choose between a massage jet to relax, a bubble jet to rinse off well or a combination of both. With an eye for detail and design, the diverter button is integrated at the rear. The shower hose is equipped with anti-twist and prevents the hose from turning. The shower sets are equipped with an adjustable wall plate, so you can always mount your shower in the right place. And of course it is also useful if there are already drill holes in the wall of the previous shower.
The head showers are adjustable in height, so your shower head can always be at the ideal height when showering. The ease of cleaning has also been considered. Black bathroom items naturally show dirt and limescale deposits a lot faster, yet this series is very easy to maintain thanks to the special powder coating. For even longer pleasure from the black products, it is advisable to dry the products every time after showering with a towel. Actually, this is exactly the same as what is normally advised.
Tiger's Tyne series is now available from various DIY stores and web stores.

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